Project Ndjandja

A proposed national railway development project in
the Democratic Republic of Congo

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Motivation of the project

It has been proven that the measure of development of a country is mobility. This necessitates reliable transport infrastructure. the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)    faces one of the most daunting infrastructure challenge on the continent.  As a result of various conflicts, existing infrastructure networks, which were mostly built during colonialism with the objective to export raw materials via seaports, have been seriously damaged and are in dire need of rehabilitation. In addition, following major structural change and steep growth in demography, a need for new networks is increasingly becoming compelling in order to facilitate local trade.

Overview of the pre feasibility study

At this stage the prefeasibility study is estimated to cost $5,000,000 (five million dollar). This amount is informed through a benchmarking exercise which was conducted by taking into consideration projects of similar nature performed on the continent. Further details on the cost are reflected on the project presentation under the tab “project”.

Substantial investments are required for flagship project of this nature. To achieve this, African countries are increasingly opting for private participation in the development, management and operation of railway networks by concluding public private partnerships ranging from management of contracts to concessions contracts. It is therefore the intention that, on completion of the pre-feasibility study, the DRC government and potential investors will be approached to discuss and negotiate further possibilities for funding this development under a concession contract.

21321 DRC population 

per km of usable rail track

79 million

DRC Population

4772 km

Railway Tracks

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