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For an interconnected railway in the DRC

Inspiration for the project was drawn from the Ethiopian diaspora which was able to regroup in large numbers to finance the large hydro-electric dam in their country. Ndjandja project was then conceived in our country, the DRC. The aim of the project is to connect all major urban centres by rail, from East to West of the country, with an outlet on the Atlantic Ocean in the city Moanda where a deep water port is planned. However, such project requires careful planning, which begins with a pre-feasibility study funded by all of us, the Congolese population and friends of the Congo.

The need to form CONGO MUDIMU, a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa under registration no. 201-004 NPO, emerged from the strong drive to ensure good governance and transparency with raising and spending of funds during the stage of pre-feasibility of project Ndjandja. A board was then formed with six independents individuals of Congolese origin.

CONGO MUDIMU is underpinned by 5 core values: Development, Integrity, Transparency, Hope and Sustainability. The organisation main objectives are:

  • To identify opportunities for social and economic development on the African continent through the facilitation of Public Private Partnership in the sectors of education, health, infrastructure and sustainable development.
  • To mobilise funds for pre-feasibility studies and facilitate such studies.
  • To facilitate access to quality education and sustainable mass employment on the African continent through collaboration with South Africa.
  • To actively promote projects of national interest in various African countries and facilitate capacity building initiatives through collaboration with South Africa.

Meanwhile, one of Congo Mudimu flagship initiatives is the Ndjandja project.

Congo Mudimu Team

Individual commitment to a group effort –  that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.

Kana Mutombo

Project Sponsor / Project  implementation

Kana has over 18 years of extensive experience in transport infrastructure development in both, the public…

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Flor Nzala


Flor commands 20 years of professional experience in the media and communication industry. He started his career …

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Dorina Onoya

Project Implementation

Dorina is an epidemiologist with over 17 years of experience in HIV prevention, surveillance and HIV program evaluation research…

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Jacques Ngoie

Finance / Economy

Jacques is an astute academic and he is presently Director of Research at RMT laboratory in Chicago, USA, and adjunct…

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Bijou Banza

Finance / Legal

Bijou is a lawyer by training and for 17 years she has been coordinating projects against domestic violence and exclusion (C.V.F.E.)…

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Tony Munongo


Tony has a large experience in business promotion, start-ups initiatives and investments stimulation for the purpose  of…

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